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Explaining the Point-Spread Function (PSF), and how it can be used for deconvolution

Suppose that you have a tiny fluorescent object, such as a 10nm-diameter fluorescent bead or even a single fluorescent molecule, and you try to observe it under a fluorescence microscope.  Provided that the object is bright enough, even though it … Continue reading

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Is Cool the Rule for CCDs?

Digital cameras have been the primary means for recording fluorescence microscope observations for several decades. The three main types of digital cameras used in scientific microscopy applications are CCD, EMCCD, and sCMOS cameras. Each one of these types of camera … Continue reading

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Any way you slice it: a comparison of optical sectioning techniques

Confocal microscopy has become an essential tool for life sciences researchers.  The confocal’s ability to optically slice through thicker specimens, excluding the out-of-focus light while imaging just the focal plane, makes it the technique of choice for high-resolution fluorescence microscopy.  … Continue reading

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